About Us

The Nutshell

Black Straw Games is a game design and development studio based in northern California. We produce board games for all ages and interests, with a special focus on engaging strategy, beautiful art & design, and bringing people together through play. Our games are:
• Quick to learn with thoughtful instructions.
• Family-friendly but also game-night ready.
• Beautifully constructed with attention to detail.
• Basically, something you'd be proud to leave out on the table, and excited to convince others to play with you.

  • Fun

    Our main directive

  • Strategy

    Make your brain work

  • Chance

    A little luck never hurt

  • Replayability

    We want to see you again

Our Team

John Shulters
John Shulters
Co-Founder & Designer
By day, John works as a 3D designer & animator at Ascension Studios. He began Black Straw Games with his wife Sarah in 2010 and focuses on game design, art, and layout.
Sarah Graybill
Sarah Graybill
Co-Founder, Developer & Editor
By day, Sarah is a copy editor and program manager for a technology publisher. She founded Black Straw Games with John and focuses on development, editing, and project management.
Our Playtesters
Our Playtesters
The Indispensables
Without our playtesters, our games would never see the light of day. They are an invaluable asset to improving the fun and playability of all our games. Please look for us at conventions and playtest events throughout the year to play our newest games.

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