The Ubiquity, Quality, & Variety of Print-on-Demand

UPDATE: Thanks to all the designers who helped suggest, inform, and appreciate this article. Since the initial posting, we have slightly revised the results table wording to be more clear. If you are considering hiring a PoD service based on the info found in this article, please read and carefully consider all the content to find which vendor is right for your project needs.

When my wife and I started designing board games nearly 10 years ago, thinking it’d turn into anything more
than a hobby was a bit of a pipe dream. This was a full two years before Kickstarter was even a thing, so really
the only option we saw was finding representation or going directly to a publisher, which was a very
intimidating prospect. Like many early designs, our prototypes were a hand-made affair…lots of inkjet-printed
cardstock, spray adhesive, and craft store components. But our “finished” versions weren’t much different. It
would be another five years before we were introduced to a whole new world of prototyping. […]