ConQuest 2016 – Game Design Smorgasboard

We recently had the pleasure of moderating a tabletop game designer panel at ConQuest Sacramento on April 2nd, 2016. Protospiels and other unpublished game events are growing in popularity in northern California (and around the country), and this was the first year that such an event took place at ConQuest. Despite the newness of the event, the passion and participation on display was phenomenal. We met a lot of new local designers and played a lot of unpublished games that you’ll hopefully find soon on a game store shelf near you.

In conjunction with the Gamer’s Test Lab, this designer panel was set up to introduce local published designers to the broader audience of players and new designers in attendance. The “smorgasboard” was intended to cover a broad range of game design subjects in a short amount of time. Below the embedded video you’ll find the questions that were asked of the panelists, as well as the time code where you can find them in the video. The panelists, from screen left to right, are Darin Leviloff, Jonny Pac Cantin, Ben Haskett, Sarah Reed, and Will Reed. Enjoy!

0:00 – Introductions

4:50 – What signified for you the moment when you felt you made a switch from being a design hobbyist to a “professional” designer, and what do you feel enabled that transition?

13:40 – What resources do you rely on to enrich your game design knowledge and grow your skills?

26:20 – Describe your prototyping and playtesting process. When do you choose to share a new project with a larger audience?

40:40 – (guest question) What are issues on fair use, copyright, and trademark in the board game industry?

46:10 – If you have run (or participated in) a crowd-funding project, what personal lessons did you learn that surprised you?


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