Information about our Game-a-Month Challenge

In 2011, we decided to task ourselves with the challenge of designing a brand new game every month of the year. We started every month with a new concept and had to develop a playable prototype by the end of the month. It was a great way to jump start our creativity, and though not all of them were winners, we ended up with several strong designs that are currently making their way through a more refined prototyping and playtesting stage. Stay tuned to see more developments on these games. Below are the titles of the games we came up with throughout the year:

JAN – Disaster City (almost done)
FEB – Choix de Vivre
MAR – Demon High (almost done)
APR – Trimian (almost done)
MAY – Doin’ Time
JUN – Oolong (Finished!)
JUL – Detective Hold ‘Em
AUG – Seedz
SEP – The One Eyed King
OCT – HiveMind (just getting off the ground)
NOV – Amnesiac
DEC – Splatter

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