Barricado Revolutions


Target Market

Game night
(medium strategy)

Core Mechanisms

Tile placement
Area Control


• Base game -16 tiles
• Advanced tile sets:
Plazas & Sewers – 9 tiles
Buildings & Leaders
11 tiles
Conflict Ignites – 13 tiles
• 256 barricade segments
(64 of each color)
• 4 bags
• Rulebook


• Tactile and colorful (and color blind friendly)
• Base game provides for simpler abstract play, while advanced tiles provide greater depth, complexity, and player interaction


Barricado Revolutions is a strategy game of tile placement and area control. Each turn, players choose between influence over the board (by placing a tile) or claiming territory upon it (by building barricades). Special tiles provide opportunities to build, block, or even destroy barricades. Each player can establish a headquarters and also use a unique ability once during the game. When the board is complete (in a perfect square) and all available barricades have been placed, the player with the most barricade segments on the board is the winner.

The city grid varies with every play, presenting obstacles and opportunities to maximize your control of the streets. Will you get painted into a corner, or will you be the one best prepared for the Revolution?

Gameplay Concepts

BR_example-01In this example, the Green player has built a barricade from ⓵ to ⓶, connecting two unoccupied marks of his own color. On a subsequent turn, he could build a new barricade from ⓷ to ⓸, but not ⓷ to ⓹ as he cannot cross a barricade (even his own).
Barricades may be extended in a straight line on future turns. Green had the option to extend to ⓺ until Yellow blocked him. Green cannot extend from ⓶ to ⓸ as it is not in a straight line.