Target Market

Game night
(medium strategy)

Core Mechanisms

Tile placement
Area Control


• 36 tiles
• 256 tokens
(64 of each color)
• 4 bags
• Rule book


• Simple rules but intense strategy
• Tactile and colorful (and color blind friendly)
• Varied strategies based on number of players
• Variable gameplay length


Barricado is an abstract strategy game of tile placement and area control. Each turn, players choose between building the board (by placing a tile) or claiming territory upon it (by placing a line of tokens to form a barricade). When the board is complete (in a perfect square) and all available barricades have been placed, the player with the most tokens on the board is the winner.

Gameplay Example

BC_example-01In this example, players Green, Red, Yellow, and Blue have all chosen to place tiles on their first turn (indicated by the purple words). On Green’s next turn he decides to build his first barricade. He builds from ① – ② as it gets the most tokens on the board (four), and blocks potential barricades for the other players. Red plays next and places four tokens from ⑥ – ⑦. Yellow plays from ⑧ – ⑨ to block Blue’s ability to build a long barricade on his next turn. Since Blue cannot build any barricades, he instead places a tile (with the dashed border). On Green’s next turn, he now has the option to extend his previous barricade to ⑩.