Dice Age


Target Market

Kids & Families
New hobby gamers

Core Mechanisms

• Dice rolling
• Resource gathering
• Recipe fulfillment
• Tech trees
• Player asymmetry


• 1 game board
• 3 goods dice
• 1 location die
• 1 volcano die
• 6 lava cubes
• 95 goods cubes
• 25 egg markers
• 6 dino figures
• 6 player mats
• 1 volcano (in 3 parts)
• Rule booklet


• Introduces hobby game concepts to young audience
• Big, colorful, tactile experience
• Double-sided components so young kids and older players can play and compete together
• Playful theme based on best-known historical data


The Ice Age is approaching! The Dinos must gather as much food and supplies as they can to grow and thrive. But the unpredictable volcano looming over their island has become much more active, wiping out resources almost as soon as they arrive.

With clever use of your time, efficient maneuvering around the other dinos, and a little bit of luck, you may be the first to feed your broods and produce enough eggs to advance your species beyond the rest!

Dice Age: Eggstinction is an entry level strategy game for young/new game players to introduce them to contemporary game concepts like player asymmetry, resource collection, order fulfillment, tech trees, luck mitigation and victory points. Players chose from a variety of dinosaur species and move around an island gathering goods in order to produce eggs. Components include options for competitive play between gamers and non/early-gamers at the same time.

Gameplay Concepts

More details coming soon!

You can download a preliminary rules document HERE