Nightshade Nursery


Target Market

Medium-weight Hobby

Core Mechanisms

   Action Selection
Tile Laying
Area Control


• 36 nursery tiles
• 9 path tiles
• 144 crop tokens
• 4 gardener meeples
• 4 round markers
• 24 action selection cards
• Rule booklet


• Simple rules/ deep strategy
• Tactile and colorful (and color blind friendly)
• Language independent
• Distinct feel and strategic choices at 2, 3, & 4-players


Nightshade Nursery is a tile-laying area control game for 2 to 4 players. You play as a gardener with a predilection for a particular species of nightshade, either tomato, potato, pepper, or eggplant, trying to have the most bountiful crop once the nursery is complete. Through simultaneous action selection, you’ll tend plots and plant rows to spread far and wide and block your opponents from doing the same. The player with the most crops on the board once the last plot is placed is the winner.

Gameplay Overview

Each player has a hand of 6 cards, each with a different combination of available actions that take place at a specific time of day. Once all players have selected and revealed their card for the round, the earliest riser (the player with the lowest card number) takes their actions first, with the other players following in order.

Your actions include taking a nursery tile from those in the market, placing a tile into the nursery, gaining crop tokens from your reserve, and planting crops to form a row. Rows are planted starting at one available space of your own color and ending on another, filling all the empty spaces in between. All rows must be straight and can never cross another row. You can also move your gardener around the plots for additional planting and blocking opportunities.