Target Market

Abstract gamers

Core Mechanisms

• Tile placement
• Set collection


• 72 hex tiles
• 3 player boards
• 9 tracker tokens
• Rule booklet


• Spatial and strategic thinking
• Simple rules with challenging play
• Delicate balance between offense and defense


Oblik is an abstract strategy game of pattern creation and set collection. Each turn, you place a tile next to one already on the playing surface, forming clusters of your player color in an attempt to collect sets of unique shapes and colors, while also looking to create bonus scoring patterns.

Will you be able to maximize your collections and visualize a path to victory?

Gameplay Concepts

As you play, you’ll strive to expand your own clusters to collect sets and form patterns, while at the same time blocking your opponents. Whenever one of your clusters contains at least 3 tiles and is completely surrounded by other player colors, it is considered closed and is scored immediately. Throughout the game, you keep track of your score in 3 criteria:

• TILES: number of tiles in a cluster – 1 point/tile
• SHAPES: number of unique shapes in a cluster – 1 point/shape
• COLORS: number of unique colors in a cluster – 1 point/color

Completed sets and special patterns also gain you bonus points. At the end of the game, you determine your final score by summing your Color and Shape scores and then subtracting your Tile score. Highest points wins.

board diagram_w_turns-01