Target Market

Game night/2-player
(medium strategy)

Core Mechanisms

• Area Control


• 9 large round tiles
• 8 small square tiles
• 40 black tokens
• 40 green tokens
• 1 waiter pawn
• 1 play mat (optional)
• Rule booklet


• Simple rules with complex strategy
• Strategize your play & your opponent’s on the same move
• Plays quickly to incentivize rematches
• Great travel game – small, light, and family-friendly


Oolong is a strategy game of area control for two players. Take turns serving tea to tables in the tea house in an attempt to serve more of your tea than your opponent. Your turn consists of simply placing a token on a tile, but your play tells your opponent where they’re allowed to play next. Controlling a tile will trigger that table’s special of the day, a unique one-time ability. Will you be shrewd enough to fully serve the most tables and savor sweet victory?

Gameplay Concepts

The 9 tiles are arranged like the points of a compass rose (plus the center). Players take turns placing a token of their color. The space in which a token is placed indicates the tile on which the next player will place their token. The player who is first to occupy 5 spaces on a tile controls that tile. Unique special abilities for each tile are triggered at different levels of completeness. Whomever is first to control 5 tiles wins.

The example to the right shows the first 10 placements of the game. The numbers on spaces indicate the order in which the players placed tokens, beginning with Black. The arrows point to the tiles on which players were directed to place next. The red “W” indicates where the Waiter pawn was moved after each token is placed. The Waiter indicates on which tile the opponent must play, and on which space they may not play.

board diagram_w_turns-01

You can download a Print-and-Play file, including the full rules document, HERE
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