Rocket Squad


Target Market

Family game night (7 & up)
Hobby 20-minute filler

Core Mechanisms

Hand Management


• 108 cards
• 72 numbered Boosters
• 28 Character cards
• 8 Item cards
• Rulebook


• Evocative theme brings players of all ages back to a time of child-like wonder and imagination
• Special card abilities allow for passive or aggressive play styles and mitigate common take-that pitfalls
• Quick playtime keeps players engaged and encourages rematches
• Designed to accomodate colorblind players
• Great travel game – small, light, and affordable
• Great potential for expansion with additional Character & Item cards


You and your friends have gathered in the backyard to build cardboard rockets and race them to space! Watch out for your family and other members of the neighborhood who’ll mess with your rockets and ruin your plans!

Rocket Squad is a fast-paced, family-friendly card game for 2 to 5 players. Race to build and launch one rocket of each color.
The first to do so will trigger the end of the game, but the player who builds the most impressive rockets will win!

Gameplay Summary

On your turn, you may play, discard, or hold as many cards from your hand as you’d like in order to build rockets, mess with others, or save for later.

Start building by laying a booster of unique color on its matching launchpad, then build it up with cardboard boxes, found on the back of every single card in the deck. In order for a rocket to launch, it must have the required number of boxes on top, indicated by the number on the booster fin (which is also the number of points you’ll score for launching the rocket). You must also make a super-awesome rocket launching noise! Once launched, the points from that rocket are safe (and hidden) for the rest of the game.

Building rockets seems easy enough, but not when the other players are bringing out characters and items to stop you! Everyone from the neighborhood is here to mess things up…Mom, Dad, brother Jack and sister Jackie, Grandma, Uncle, even Ace the dog and Joker the Cat. They all have a unique ability to give you an advantage or slow down others, and some can even block one another if you’re lucky and the timing’s right! Additionally, you’ll be racing for prizes, the toys in the yard! As you launch rockets, you’ll claim a prize of the matching color. But make sure you launch at the right time and don’t get left empty handed!

Download the latest version of the rulebook HERE!